Methodologies, Metrics & Models | Generation M

I never guess. It is a shocking habit — destructive to the logical faculty.

Sherlock Holmes

We really believe in facts; so generally don’t use our “guts” at all. In order to sucseed with facts; we should define some metrics and indicators, than process with some proven methodologies..

Pirate Metrics – AARRR

It some how could have change, but most of the cases we’re using pirate metrics to indicate and to solve the problem.


If you have no one; you can’t grow 🙂

The most budget-oriented part of our ARRRR. The most important part is choosing the related channels and targeting the right audience at all. We constantly audit the acquisition channels and optimise the budget shares.


We prefer to use “Recency, Frequency and Monetary” methodology in order to segment the customers and communicate them in more related & efficient way.

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