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Generally most frequent questions from our clients or potantial customers is about the methods and tools we’re using while developing data-driven strategies and more information about the process. So i’ve decided to write some down to our blog site 🙂

First of all we are more than fine to use any tool that you’re actually using but as we’d like to grow your business, we can advice more or differentiations on your side.

Software as a Service

Google Analytics for data gathering and behavioural experience insights. If the traffic is really exceed some intervals; we want more than a sampling that standart GA is giving us and we want to play with all actual data; so we want to use Countly or Google Analytics 360. If the site has e-commerce features, it is important that Enhanced E-commerce abilities has been integrated properly for GA.

We prefer using Google Data Studio to create dashboards and data visualisations specific to business, domain and the companies aspects. 

Hotjar is really great for generating heatmaps with visitor events, funneling, screen recording and form analytics. Especially viewing recording sessions always gave us powerful insights about the concerns that created by UI/UX.

Google Firebase for the analytics and visualisations on mobile apps.

Facebook is the leading acquisiton channel on social networks -as they acquire the social channels :)- so if there is not; we’ll install Facebook Pixel and use Facebook Insights with the other analytics tool.

If we’re giving consultancy in the beginning; first install Google Tag Manager and than manage all the other pixels and tools inside GTM.

If we’re dealing with really big data’s and need GPU’s in order to create segments or machine learning models, we prefer Google Cloud Platform and also IBM Watson Studio (Data Platform) and Jupyter Notebooks with Python.


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