Audit Reports

Our highly detailed audit reports prepared with deep analytics will walk you through the steps of sustainable growth.

Business with marketing teams/staff benefits these guide like reports upon their needs for data-consistency with analytics healthcheck and through the pirate metrics one by one.

Full Growth Audit report will be your master Growth Book and has all the information you’ll need about your business growth in one!

Buckle your seatbelt, prepare for take-off! Happy optimizing! 🙂

Full Growth Report

All your needs for growth! Full Growth Audit report for your e-business with roadmaps, strategies and how-to's

Analytics Healthcare

Google Analytics & GTM Integrations checks for enhanced e-commerce and data consistency

Acquisition & Activation

Channels, organic search and landing page checks for right visitors become consumers

Retention & Revenue

Funnels and behavioural flows check on segmented visitors and cohorts

Full Growth Report

Unique all-in-one growth audit reports for marketing teams

We guide you boost your growth with extra-detailed report consist of analytics, strategies, roadmaps, how-to’s and webinar sessions for all the steps from visitor acquisition, retention and revenue with growth hacking tactics. Let’s convert the visitor into paying and returning valuable customer. All the information you need for growth in one report!

  • Analytics Healthcheck

    Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics setup and integration checks. Dimensions, exclusion, segments, events and Enhanced E-commerce will be checked and repaired if needed.

  • Acquisition Audit

    Checking all acquisition channels & paid performance ads creatives, audiences based on relevant attribution models. SEO audits. Extract insights and summarize a point-based refferals and channels list with optimization reccommendation.

  • Activation Audit

    Defining the right Goals | Segmentation | List Growth & Subscription Strategies | Landing Pages & Navigation Optimizations

  • Retention

    Retention Strategy | RFM Segmentation - Transactional Data | Newsletters & Emailing | Remarketing Strategy | Goals & Custom Metrics | Loyalty Tactics

  • Revenue

    Optimizing Checkout Funnels | Product Page UI/UX Uplift | Consumer Journey Building & Hypothesis | Listing Page & Category Strategies | Conversion Rate Optimization | Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Definitions

  • Executive Summary

    Introduction part with key findings & growth projections. Insight part of the whole report for directors & c-levels.

  • Roadmap & Documentation

    Detailed documentation of all findings with how-to's, roadmaps, plans and checklists. Relevant KPI's & North Star Metric for growth. Custom Google DataStudio Dashboard. All the hypothesis should be tested via A/B or Multivariate Tests

  • Webinar

    Full Growth Report and to-do's for implementations will explained and sent through online webinar.

  • Q&A

    Online Q&A Session via video conferencing

Ready for Growth?

Let's dive into your analytics!

Answers for most probable questions

If you have a marketing team or a dedicated marketing staff for your online business. If you Struggle with your growth efforts or need a brand new growth perspective. Yes! Ready to take off.
We need access to some of your digital analytics properties. However it may change due to your traffic; roughly it'll take 4 weeks for us to prepare detailed Full Growth Report.
Cost of the Full Growth Report is based on the traffic segments for your website. Please contact us with the form below and we'll send you the pricings.
Not properly. We'll create a Slack Channel for your commerce and communicate if we needed some extra details. We'll need a silent period in order to maintain some data.

Don't worry!

We will be on the same boat

Services will be integrated to reports to drive success and growth for your business both short and long terms.

Audit Reports

If the problem is clear, than there is audit reports specialized to different sections of growth funnels.

Data Analytics Healthcheck
$500 /
  • GTM & GA Integrations
  • Filters & Exlusion Controls
  • Tags & Triggers
  • Enhanced E-Commerce Set-up
  • Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  • Goals & Segments & Events
  • Channel & Content Groupings
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Acquisiton & Activation
$750 /
  • Referrals Analysis
  • Multi Channel Attribution
  • Audience Optimizations
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • SEO Audit
  • Subscription Triggering Checks
  • Events Category & Actions
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Retention & Revenue
$1000 /
  • Enhanced E-Commerce Check
  • Check-Out Funnel Optimization
  • Customer Journeys
  • Cohort & Segment Analytics
  • in-Page Recordings & Heatmaps
  • Listing & Category Page Insights
  • Payment Section Optimization
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All audit reports will include:
  • Documentations

    Audit report will also be given with custom dimensions & metrics and also industry based Google DataStudio Dashboard.

  • Recommendations

    Audit reports will also include roadmaps, guidance and walkthroughs

  • KPI's

    Recommended KPI's and North Star Metric for your business will be defined and explained.

Ready for growth?